€ 2.899,99

X.301 One-Piece Motorcycle Suit by REV’IT! TAILORTECH
In the charged calm of the pit lane, the X.301 stands ready, encapsulating REV’IT! TAILORTECH’s commitment to Engineered Skin design and meticulous craftsmanship. It’s the preferred choice for racers who demand control and precision on the track, representing the zenith of our design series, blending form with high-functionality.

The X.301 is crafted for a precise fit, following an exacting design process that ensures every panel enhances the racer’s agility and speed. This suit is a racer’s advantage, with the integrated Tech-Air 10 system providing unmatched protection, empowering you to challenge the limits with assurance.

When you suit up, clarity takes over. The suit becomes your steadfast partner in the dynamic world of racing, where each second is a call to performance, every lap an opportunity to demonstrate skill and determination.