Back on the track in 5 steps. Vircos takes care of your suit!

Sometimes, you fall. If it happens, well, you then need to recover. You need to be perfectly safe, once again. And here’s how we take care of it.

Crashing means at least some sort of damage–it goes without saying. Not a big deal, if you have access to the appropriate service.

Not a big deal, if whatever was damaged gets perfectly restored.

Not a big deal, if it’s taken care of the right way.

Allow us to explain our ways:

  1. Deliver Everywhere: Did it happen at the track? Give us your suit right on the paddock. If our Vircos truck is at the venue, your problem’s already solved. No truck? Then send your suit to our headquarters: we’ll take care of it;

  2. Check-up: Once your suit is in our hands, we’ll have our technicians verify its conditions, so that we can fully understand what the actual damage is;

  3. Air-bag: Vircos is an Alpinestar Tech-Air authorized center. If your suit integrates a Tech-Air airbag system, you don’t need to worry about anything: we’ll check and restore your airbag at our headquarters, or directly in our truck;
  4. Full Recovery: After the diagnosis, we’ll repair your suit, print new stamps and logos, and cut and substitute all damaged parts. Your suit will be ready to go back on the track only after we fully restore each and every seam and stitching–even the ones that were barely damaged.
  5. Quality Test: Finally, there is quality control. Your suit will be inspected by our experts, through a scrupulous testing process. The same process our new suits go through.