2020 will surely be a year to remember that will remain forever imprinted in our lives. The famous global pandemic has affected our lives and consequently the races, but this was not enough to stop world of Motorsport so from the Italian Championship to the World Championship, passing through the British and American Championships we have collected podiums, victories and titles.


In Motoamerica, Richie Escalante brought the title to Vircos celebrating the success in Indianapolis with 13 victories to his credit, Richie won the Motoamerica Supersport 2020  title at only 25 years and entered in the history as the first Mexican to be crowned champion. A great success for us of Vircos, we support Richie from the other side of the world but with great warmth and affection. In Motoamerica riders from five different categories are wrapped into Vircos Bespoke leathers.