All you need to know about motorcycle suit certifications

The PR EN 17092 standard to guarantee the effective technicality of motorcycle garments

In the two wheels world often you discuss about races, motorcycles models and other variables that make this sport absolutely exciting and compelling. Perhaps, many don’t know that the motorcycles clothing has his own fundamental importance for the success of performances that are optimal but also safe.

It is easy to say motorcycle overalls and specialized clothing but, behind this sector, there is a great job that takes place between specialists in the sector, special laboratories and regulations to be respected.
Let’s try to find out more about this topic together.

What’s the regulation?

It is news of this spring that, starting from the 21st of April 2019, new regulations regarding motorcycles clothing have been implemented and who produces this specialized clothing is forced to sell products such as suit, jackets, trousers etc, that cannot be defined “thecnical” if they do not take into account the requisites of the regulations fPR EN 17092.

This legislation, that will be also included into the Official Journal of the European Community, likely by the end of the year will propose to sell high quality, truly professional and safe products.
The regulations, therefore, emphasizes all the features that correspond to the various protective levels of what is defined as “motorcycles technical clothing”.

The motorcycle clothing items considered as certified are divided into five classes:

  • Class B items are those without rigid protections and tend to protect the pilot only from abrasion;
  • Class A, AA and AAA items, provided instead with protections placed in the appropriate pockets, are created to protect the pilot from abrasions but also from any impacts;
  • Finally, class C garments are those garments that include the so-called body armor, a set of protections all certified for impact, but imprinted in a layer of light fabric. It is a similar type of garment that is used for other sports on two wheels with a high risk of impact such as mountain biking and off-road.

Therefore, the legislation fPR EN 17092 designed in the interest of the motorcyclist. How do you recognize these clothing items compared to standard non-technical garments? From the presence or absence of a label that specifies both the technicality, but also the use that can be made of it in total safety.

Vircos, the Ricotest laboratory in Pastrengo (VR) and the tests