RESEARCH & SELECT is the essence behind the continuous improvement of Vircos products

Straight line… tuck in, chin on the tank, fourth gear, fifth, sixth… pop out of the bubble, hard on the brakes… downshift, fifth, fourth, third, second… a little more front brake… !&%%(*$!!!!!

The front has tucked… crash! Sliding, getting warm. Gravel. I didn’t do anything different from last lap… Frustrating, but ‘rider ok’.

You know what happened. You were chasing that last tenth but the front folded. It’s happened before (and it’ll happen again). What now? I’m ok… how about the bike? Hopefully nothing is too bent. And my kit? Leathers are scuffed? Did the airbag go off? Marshalls in orange, yellow flags. Hop over the fence, walk back to the pits… you know how it goes.

At the end of the day there is something very important that comes from these experiences and that is…. Experience!

In the same way you always try to improve your riding we are always working to improve everything we do too. From the product, through to customer support on and off the track.

So, what happens when a suit gets back to the factory to be repaired? It gets repaired! Obviously. We’ve detailed this before here.

But apart from the repair there is more, equally important, work we do behind the obvious; including analyzing how the suit performed, in order to help us make improvements to our future products.

After each and every crash (and in over 35 years of racing there have been a lot of crashes!) the minutiae of every suit is checked so our technicians can understand potential areas of improvement.

We collate all this vast wealth of crash data – for example how a part gets damaged; how often; in what sort of crash – and, from this information, the next generation of Vircos products is born.

Here some examples…

Double layers of leather

The sections of the suit most regularly exposed to a crash are all reinforced with double layers of leather. Sleeves, hips and back are all doubled to increase resistance to tear and abrasion.

Double stitching

All areas on our suits are at least double stitched, with some vulnerable areas folded and triple stitched, for maximum security, and every suit we produce is CE certified to the highest level.

Zip coverage

Sometimes improving the product involves close attention to the more functional aspects of the suit. We understand zips are a potential weak point and even premium zips are sometimes not able to guarantee resistance, in case of a prolonged slide on tarmac. Because of this we decided to cover all of our zips. You might not notice on the first look but, once you look in detail, and talk to our passionate technicians, you understand we’ve considered every detail when hand-making your bespoke suit.

We mentioned only few of the specs of Vircos bespoke leather suits, if you want to know more click here.