Vircos on tour in 2023: meeting you outside of our office.

Service does not stop at our doorstep, as our team is out and about visiting racetracks around the world throughout the racing service. And we’re happy to provide you with the same service our racers receive straight from the paddock.


From a first point of contact, to making changes to your suit; we are well equipped to service you up to the highest level from our racing service facilities. We can measure you in preparations of your next suit, and we are happy to run you through the options in materials and colors so your next favorite racing suit not only feels great, but looks exactly like you want it to look.


Each Vircos suit consists of numerous materials and just as many ways of putting them all together. We understand that not everyone is able to tell the difference between suits at first glance, so we gladly take the time to educate you on what makes a Vircos suit a Vircos suit, and not something you will find hanging in a shop.


During the 2023 racing season, you will find us in the BSB paddock. Feel free to drop us a line before your visit to any of the rounds below. Although our doors are always open, making an appointment helps us plan ahead and making sure you have our undivided attention.

Other Championships

Looking to make your travels a bit more international? Vircos will be present inside the MotoGP, CEV, CIV, and Coppa Italia paddock too. So if you’re outside of Italy during the racing season, feel free to drop in whenever you are around any of these paddocks.

No time to go to the tracks?

While our racing service teams travel the world to provide the highest level of service to professional riders, our trusted team inside the Vircos HQ is happy to have you whenever you wish to make a factory visit. Get in touch with us and book your appointment. Aside from offering you the service you can expect, we are happy to show you our facilities and take you through the process of acquiring your next favorite racing suit.

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