Exclusive doesn’t mean unobtainable: custom-made for everyone.

Why is Vircos‘s production entirely customized? Why don’t they try to expand further and get into retailing? For one very simple reason: we are artisans.

We like the way we work. Picking the materials we deem the best, and most of all, using the best technology available. We like to do that for everyone. When we research and develop new solutions, our goal is to share protection technologies: if you fall, you fall, whether you are a professional or not.

Everybody should feel as safe as a MotoGp or WSBK rider. Period.

Ambitious? Probably.

We have always been ambitious, and providing an amateur with the same experience as that of a professional rider, is very ambitious for sure.

Still, we believe it is possible. Because of our ambition, we were awarded the artistic craftsmanship status by the Camera di Commercio. We can now say our products are characterized by their aesthetic value, we can prove they are part of the Italian cultural heritage. That’s why we believe it is possible.

It is possible, when you combine craftsmanship with a computerized and technologically advanced management. It is possible, when you maintain a direct relationship with the riders. It is possible, when you create personalized suits on a human scale (and not a multinational scale).

We love racing at all levels. We love the biking world. We love the smell of tires burning on the track. We love breathtaking sprints. We love the warmth we always find in the paddock during a race.

This is why we are convinced that anyone who decides to enter this wonderful world, deserves to live a full-on wonderful experience.

Because, after all, all riders deserve to feel like pro-riders.