Where is the largest Motor Bike Expo ever going to take place? In Verona, from January 16th to 19th

The largest event in the world for custom bikes is back! 170.000 visitors, and over 700 exhibitors. Including Vircos, of course.

The Motor Bike Expo

The Veronese fair, now in its eleventh edition, is as we mentioned the most important in the field, and it keeps accelerating. The numbers, already discreet in its first edition in 2009, are becoming increasingly impressive. Last year, we saw more than 170.000 visitors and more than 700 exhibitors.

Not enough? Then spread it all out in more than 100 events in 4 days, in an exhibition center of more than 100,000 square meters, all dedicated to the world of racing and customization.

This is where the strength of the expo lies, in its events: workshops for scholars, presentations of this year’s major news, competitions, prizes, and a prize celebrating the best 10 bikes presented at the fair … And we shall end it here because it would take pretty much a whole week for us to describe every single event. You can find them all here and literally choose from hundreds of possibilities.

Vircos’ Expo

Oh, yes: the most beautiful fair of the year, and we will be there. Of course, we’ll be there: we wouldn’t miss the event for anything in the world.

At our stand, we will bring our team to meet you and to see together what motorcyclist protection technology has to offer, in 2020.

And what do we offer? You can come and ask anything directly at Stand 15B, in Hall 6: we’ll be offering free consulting services, measurements and, of course, our team will be there to give you all the information on the customization of your suits. Or to talk about motorcycles, suits, protection.

To understand what the future of the racing world will be. All in 8 models. With endless customizations.