The seven principles of Vircos

At Vircos we are driven by a passion for motorsports. We love it, and it motivates us to continuously improve our products to make sure we meet and exceed the expectations of the best motorcycle racers in the world. But although we are driven by passion, we are steered by values. Or better, our seven principles. Get under our skin by understanding what these principles are, and what they mean to us. In no particular order.


Forty years in the making, it is safe to say Vircos is unique. We have a focused approach on creating motorcycle racing suits that live up to the promise of offering the highest level of protection to world class motorcycle racers and motorcycle enthusiasts around the world. And with that approach, everything we create is equally unique as it is the outcome of decades of craftsmanship combined with the looks that our customers desire. Unwilling to compromise on quality, we offer products that are truly unique with an equally unique service to match.


Whether it is the cooperation with our end consumer to ensure our suits look and feel exactly as expected, or cooperating with our suppliers and stake holders: we value this aspect highly. We work with brands, companies and people that share our vision to make sure our chain is without weak links. Cooperation also means co-developing, for instance when we are looking for materials that need to be up to our highest quality standards.


We are not afraid to make a promise, in fact behind every suit we make lies a big promise of offering you a high-spec, high tech product that helps you enjoy your passion in full protection. There’s one promise we won’t make, and that is a false one. Each Vircos product is developed, designed and hand made in Italy. Honesty also means offering unique product at a justifiable price. That is why when you acquire a Vircos suit, you deal with Vircos directly. No distributor, no wholesale construction. It’s us who pick up the phone, and it’s us who take you through the process of making the first contact all the way up to receiving your next favorite racing suit. Wherever you are in the world. That is a promise.


Without our customers there would not be a Vircos. That’s a fact that needs no sugar-coating in our book, and it is something we understand all too well. Each Vircos suit is a product made for one person only, and it is our obligation to make sure that person is happy. We don’t differentiate between a MotoGP racer or a track day enthusiast for that matter, as we follow the same path with anyone who knocks on our door looking for their next racing suit. We invest in customer service at our headquarters just as well as in our racing service hubs in paddocks around the world, making sure every member of our expanding Vircos family receives the treatment they deserve.


The only way to stand by your promise is to stay in control of the entire process, making sure that everyone involved is aware of what is expected. As a result of this mindset, we are one of only a few specialistic, craft-oriented brands that have remained. It is easy to understand that during our forty-year history we have been approached numerous times by companies who have tried to persuade us to outsource our activities who offered us cost reductions and higher profits. We stood firm back then and we will stand firm in the future: Vircos suits are made in our own factory in Italy, by the highest skilled artisans in the industry.


We are aware of the promises we make, and we do everything in our power to offer the highest level of safety we can provide to motorcycle racers and motorcycle enthusiasts around the world. This is why we don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to the level of safety a Vircos suit provides. We don’t cut corners, we don’t cut costs, and we don’t walk away from our responsibility to keep improving our suits. Whether that is pushing for innovations ourselves or adopting innovations of others like the TECH-AIR® airbag system: we push ourselves every day, season by season and crash after crash to make sure Vircos suits offer the highest level of safety.


From the creativity that originates in the minds of our customers when it comes to design, to the creativity that is needed to come up with solutions that improve safety, fit or feel: this value is of the utmost importance for us to be able to do what we do.
Being creative allows us to come up with innovations that enhances the rider’s experience, lowers the lap times and rounds of each corner better.
We embrace creativity, and we encourage you to share yours with us.
So, now that you know a bit more about Vircos let us know a bit about yourself.
Get in touch with us, or immediately get your design flow going in our configurator here.
And please, don’t forget to share your design. It might be the first step on your way to your next favorite racing suit.