Recently we announced the extension of our partnership with the CIV Premoto3 championship. And although we explained that it is our third consecutive year, we still owe you an answer to one very important question: why?

Start ‘em young

At Vircos there is only one thing that we are more passionate about than craftsmanship, and that is racing. While we have had a constant presence inside the MotoGP paddock for the last few decades, a few years ago we decided that we wanted to expand our footprint in the racing world. And rather than looking to add a few existing MotoGP riders to our lineup we made a different decision: add a lot of future MotoGP riders!

CIV Premoto3

The Italian Championship nowadays known as “CIV” has been around for over a century, preparing young riders who aspire to make their way in international racing series. The Premoto3 class is the first step onto a path that leads to the World Championship, with machinery and tracks similar to what riders use inside the MotoGP paddock. Iconic tracks like Misano, Mugello, and Imola are included in the championship to help hone young riders’ skills and get them up to speed for the next step.

Vircos and the Future

For us partnering up with the Premoto3 class was a no-brainer. Whereas many riders from different classes defend the Vircos flag -such as the 2021 CIV Superbike champion Michele Pirro-, those who made it onto the Premoto3 grid are yet to become established names among the general audience. Knowing the costs involved with racing in general, let alone racing aboard competitive machinery, we feel it is somewhat of an obligation to give something back to the racing world that ensures young riders go shoulder to shoulder on track knowing they are protected in the best way possible.

From MotoGP to CIV

While riders from the CIV Premoto3 class look to go from CIV to MotoGP, their suits have traveled in the opposite direction. All Premoto3 competitors receive a top-spec Vircos suit developed with the help of many riders inside the MotoGP paddock. Standard equipped with the Tech-Air airbag system -just like our World Championship riders- we offer the World Class standard of rider safety to the youngsters in Premoto3. And what better way to get used to achieving your dream of racing in MotoGP than already having a suit that derived straight from it?

Move yourself onto the Vircos grid

Vircos has over four decades of experience producing handmade, top of the line racing suits straight from Italy. If you are looking to join us on the grid of Vircos riders, please have a browse at our Bespoke collection. With multiple suits on offer you can start designing your next favorite racing suit that meets -and exceeds- your demands. Once you are done designing we will take care of the rest.