Vircos racing suits: Remote to measure

Your next favorite racing suit measured & delivered at your own home address!

Optimal fit, maximum protection, and incredible convenience.

With no two bodies being the same, having a made to measure suit makes a world of difference for your performance on track or the joy of riding on the road. Whereas of the shelf suits often turn out to be designed for all or none, a suit that is created to fit your body perfectly means there are no limitations in freedom of movement. And with our remote measuring service, you are guaranteed the perfect fit from the convenience of your own home. Here’s how it works:

Digital & Personal

In recent years we have refined our format for remote measuring, combining extensively developed digital tools with personal contact between you and the Vircos team of highly skilled tailors. We guide you through easy-to-follow steps that ensure your suit will fit like a second skin.

Measuring: connecting the dots

Our measuring method is carefully put together to leave out room for error. We provide you with a list of 22 of measuring points which are the same ones our tailors use in any measuring session. By filling out the digital form with the measurements you’ve found, and adding in your personal preferences for the fit of your suit, we will schedule a video call between you and one of our tailors to make sure all dots are connected in getting your measurements dialed in. You can find the Vircos video tutorials for measuring here, as well as our measuring form.

Personalized fit, personalized style

Part of the process of acquiring a suit that is made for none other than yourself, is the design of your suit. Our configurator allows you to design the suit with virtually no limitations to creativity, meaning your suit will either perfectly reflect the livery of the team you race in, or becomes an example of your own creativity when you aim at using it to achieve your personal goals on track.

Handcrafted in Italy

All Vircos suits are handcrafted in Italy with the highest attention to detail. With over 40 years of experience, any Vircos suit comes with the promise of offering the perfect fit that takes away any distractions from your suit when you ride or race. Just as much attention to detail goes into the process of acquiring your next favorite racing suit. From the remote measuring concept that allows you to get a MotoGP spec suit without leaving your home, to an aftersales service structure that keeps you up to date on your purchase and is happy to answer any questions you have in the meantime.

Your suit is on its way

Allow yourself to experience the benefits of a made to measure suit that fits like no other and reflects your personality through full custom design. Configure your suit here so you get an idea of what it will look like, and start measuring after watching our tutorial video here. Once we have guided you through the process the only thing that is limiting your laptimes is the postman, but he will soon be on his way.