What does it mean to have a Bespoke Vircos suit? A few words from our Pattern Designer Chief Officer: Laura De Agnoi

What do you need to protect yourself on the track?

To keep yourself entertained while marching on your motorbike?

Collaboration, meetings, communication: this is the Vircos working method that allows us to constantly grow and improve, but read how much effort it takes to create your tailored suit.

Since I started working at Vircos 18 years ago, I must say that I have never been bored. Mainly because we continue to evolve, because we create personalized suits that allow me to always be creative. And that’s  why we collaborate.

In addition to the suits, which I deal with, there is a whole world behind Vircos, with our trucks on the racing-days, the possibility of creating ad hoc models for each customer.

It is really difficult to find a free moment!

In our office, we have trained a team of extremely competent model makers, and tem work is our main engine…  first with the customer, and then amongst ourselves.

My job is to collect all the possible information, have dialogue with the pilot to understand his needs,  then I collect the proper information to turn his words into a suit.

The team is up and running from this point forward: with the client’s information, we draw a a blueprint and work, detail upon detail, until we the finish the product.

Safety, above all, is the most important detail.

Of course, safety is the cornerstone of our production. All the techniques we use to design and produce the suits are calibrated to the customer’s needs. So that you can run safely.

I’ll explain the method in two words, and then I’ll also reveal a fact that is too often ignored by the manufacturing companies -this will give you an insight on, how much we care about your safety.

The method:

1. Collection of information
2. Discussion of the project with the team
3. Preparation of the basics
4. Control meeting
5. Prototyping
6. Production

To the untrained eye, these are normal process-steps, but they allow us to control every single moment of production and, of course, create competitive and functional suits…

…but, do you want to know the secret? It is very simple, as far as we’re concerned it is not a problem to reveal it to you: it is our margin of error on the finalization of the projects.

I can say this with pride: “Our sequential method of working in close collaboration with every team member, made us reach a margin of error of only 2%!

Which is one of the things I care about most: I’m proud of it.

At Vircos, we have no problem telling you our secrets: because you are one of the fundamental parts of our team.

After all, without you I couldn’t continue having so much fun while I work!