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X.201 One-Piece Motorcycle Suit by REV’IT! TAILORTECH

Immerse yourself in the precision and passion of the racetrack with the X.201, a suit from REV’IT! TAILORTECH designed to your exact specifications. Crafted with care in Italy, every curve of this suit pays homage to the art of racing. Custom-tailored to fit you perfectly, the X.201 embodies the rush of the race, fitting seamlessly around every bend, corner, and straightaway.

Beyond its race-inspired silhouette, the suit offers personalization with a selection of colors and badges, ensuring your presence on the track is as unique as your style of riding. With the integration of the Tech-Air® RACE airbag system, the X.201 not only promises unparalleled safety but also represents your dedication to the sport — tailored for the track, tailor-made for you.