COVID-19: we will back in the saddle soon

The storm before the race

Do you know that moment when, on the starting grid after the warm-up ended, the first drops of a violent storm cloud your face shield?

The true 2-wheel enthusiast is overwhelmed by a whirlwind of emotions. A mixture of bitterness and resoluteness floods the helmet, almost as if wanting to take it up with the gods in order not to be able to do what we like most, what we prepare for, for months, sometimes years.

You go back to the pits uncertain and waiting for the sky to calm down, at the mercy of events. You are disappointed to be in a chair and not on a saddle… Although it hurts and seems unjust, we are all well aware that it’s only for the good of every rider, to be able to do what we love in the maximum safety possible.

These are unpredictable things, but perhaps the beauty of our passion is that fragile: that sense of uncertainty that does not turn off, the enthusiasm, the adrenaline, the competitive spirit and the desire to attack that track by pushing hard.

A message of hope

We’ve pondered for days about how to address these times –our passion frozen, has left us in the same state of suspense you are experiencing. We need you to understand how we felt in seeing the first stages of MotoGP, CIV, BSB and Coppa Italia, postponed to an indefinite date. We are sincerely crushed by these tough times.

Today, however, we are called to run a fundamental race, the most important of our times. Despite the bitterness that we are experiencing because of COVID-19 and the quarantine, we want to give a message of hope to all enthusiasts, professional and otherwise. With the commitment of each one, we are sure that everything will go well and we will soon return to normal.

Today we leave the bike indoors, the suit in the closet, we stay at home for our own good and for the community. The time will come to get back on the saddle because we are sure that “that day on the bike” of which SIC was speaking, with everyone’s commitment, will come very soon.

Ready to come back

The Vircos team is looking forward to getting back on the track as soon as possible to give emotions to those who have a passion for motorcycles in their hearts and cannot do without them. Follow us to stay updated.

We will get back on the saddle, more charged than ever. We can’t wait.