Following suit: understanding which Vircos suit is best for you.

Whether it is your first dig at a made to measure suit, or you are looking to replace your previous one: at Vircos we have three different types of suits to choose from before starting the customization process. And to make things easy, we will explain how they differ, and what elements are constant across all three.

Taking it from the top: The V-372

Named after the highest wind speed ever recorded, this suit is the ultimate racing suit on the market today. Incorporated are all innovations we have developed in decades of being active inside the MotoGP paddock, with riders like Factory Ducati MotoGP test rider Michele Pirro and MotoE frontrunner as the dedicated test riders for this project. Elements that you will only find on the V-372 are:

Vircos Shield 2 outer hard parts

These hard parts serve a dual purpose of adding impact protection on shoulders and knees while contributing to a controlled slide in case of an unfortunate crash. The Shield 2 parts differ from their predecessors through their shape, which is aerodynamically optimized to minimize drag at higher speeds.

A unique mix of materials

The backbone of the V-372 is a unique mixture of materials that is only found in the pinnacle of Vircos suits. The blend of these materials allows for the highest level of abrasion resistance, the perfect fit, and optimal aerodynamics at a very low weight, nearly half the weight of our Veloce suit. By combining hand-picked kangaroo leather and in-house developed synthetic EVO-materials, the V-372 sports unique characteristics that are only found in the ultimate racing suit.

Tucked In Fit

The pattern of the V-372 is focused on optimized aerodynamics, meaning stretch materials are positioned to help wrap the suit around your body in a tucked-in position, like on a true racing motorcycle. Clever use of various materials helps create a second-skin feel at high speeds, ensuring a figure-hugging fit that helps chase down that lap record. To maintain the V-372’s optimized fit, this suit is only compatible with the Tech-Air® 10 and Tech-Air® Race airbag systems.

Exceeding CE

The impact protection used in our V-372 goes beyond the highest standard, CE-Level 2. Although labeled as CE-Level 2 (simply because there isn’t a higher level to comply with), these impact protectors have a significantly higher impact absorption than the CE-test requires.

Optimized For Aero

Staying true to its name, the V-372 is optimized for aerodynamics. Aside from the aforementioned Shield 2 outer hard parts and the tucked in fit, the speed hump on the V-372 is exclusively used for this suit after being developed inside the wind tunnel.

Evolution captured in a suit: The Veloce

Not as revolutionary as our class-leading V-372, but instead an evolution of assets that has worked for racers and track day enthusiasts through the years. The Veloce can be seen as Vircos’ greatest hits, which will appeal to anyone looking to feel comfortable from the get go knowing you are protected up to the requirements of racers around the world. Characteristics that stand out on the Veloce are:

Vircos Shield outer hard parts

The Vircos Shield hard parts are wrapped around the shoulder and knee area to contribute to a controlled slide in case of a mishap on the road or on track. While slightly less aerodynamical than our Shield 2 hard parts, they are up to the task of adding protection to your race or ride.

A-grade kangaroo leather

The Veloce is carried out in A-grade kangaroo leather like we use for the suits of our MotoGP and other professional riders. Extremely high abrasion resistance goes hand in hand with material stretch, that ensures all protectors are in the right position without you noticing them when riding or racing.

Freedom of movement

The pattern of the Veloce offers a more forgiving fit from the get-go, as it was developed to offer optimal freedom of movement from the moment you zip it up. Cleverly positioned stretch material and the right amount of stretch in the used leather ensures a fit that gives you the confidence to get up to speed from the moment you exit pit lane, while it seamlessly incorporates the Tech-Air® Race airbag system the Veloce is compatible with.

CE Level 2

Underlining the evolutionary character of the suit, the Veloce offers the highest level of impact protectors available today. All limb protectors used in the Veloce qualify as CE-Level 2.

Made to measure made accessible: The Vircos Racer 3

The desire to own a handmade, made to measure suit doesn’t always go hand in hand with world championship ambitions. To offer the quality and the same attention to detail at a more accessible entry point, the Racer 3 was developed. We have made sure the stand-out elements of our Bespoke made to measure program are all included to give you the same feel as its more extensively spec’d siblings. This is what you will find on the Racer 3:

Clear colorization options

Adding to the accessibility of the Racer 3, we’ve kept the customization process clear. On this suit you don’t find standard incorporated graphics, while you still have enough different zones that can be color-customized to give it your own flavor.

Kangaroo or cowhide

While kangaroo is the standard inside the motorcycle racing world, we offer cowhide as an alternative that will underline the accessibility of the Racer 3. To ensure the right amount of abrasion resistance, we use cowhide that comes at a different thickness than the kangaroo leather we use. Because we do not compromise on fit, the main difference between the two is the higher weight of the cowhide version. Something that can be crucial in professional racing, but less relevant for anyone who considerers riding motorcycles a hobby.

Made to Measure is made to measure

Don’t mistake the accessibility of the Racer 3 for us cutting corners. This suit comes with the same promise as any of our suits, meaning it is made to measure to fit your body perfectly.

Street & Circuit

The Racer 3 is developed for people who like riding and love racing, and therefore it is compatible with the Tech-Air® 5 airbag system that allows you to switch between street use and track day mode.

Constant elements in our assortment.


All Vircos suit are equipped with CE rated impact protection, selected to offer the required impact protection without compromising the perfect fit. Shoulders, elbows, hips and knees are all covered by these protectors, with the option to also include our Thora-X Chest protector (standard on the V-372). Each suit is equipped with protectors that contribute to the suit’s proposition.

Air Bag Compatibility

Vircos is an official TechAir® partner, meaning all our suits can be offered with an airbag system included. From the street and track day oriented TechAir® 5 system for the Racer 3, to the race focused TechAir® 10 and TechAir® Race systems for the V-372 and Veloce. We are happy to give you advise on what TechAir® system fits your requirements best.

Vircos Service

We make no distinction between any of our customers. From MotoGP riders to track day enthusiasts; acquiring a Vircos suit means you have full access to our service setup. We are here to guide you through the measuring and design process, and we are here to answer any questions you might have from the moment you receive your suit. And in case you need any alterations to your suit as a result of heavy training or an unfortunate crash; we are here to make sure you make the most out of your ownership of one of our products.

The Hand Made Promise

All Vircos products are hand made -or actually hand crafted- in Italy. We pride ourselves in dealing directly with our customers without the intervention of agents or wholesalers. Delivering you your next favorite racing suit is a promise, and we are only happy when you are.