So, well… is this going to be all for 2020?

Oh boy, has this year been challenging. I mean for all of us. We all were put to test and yet, we never stopped working!

All right, all right, that’s a pretty bold title right there, we know it. To be fair, though, this whole thing deserves it: the world has literally stopped moving for months, and there have been–and will be–problems. Problems getting back on the track and problems attending to events that make us dream.

Races will be closed to the public: true. Still, there will be races, right?

That means we’ll ALWAYS find a way to ride!

All participants obviously can attend the race. So our trucks will be right there on the track, at the CIV at the Coppa Italia and at the free practices organized by Promo Racing.


All the services provided by Vircos’ trucks (are you knew to our on-track services? Find all the info you need right here!), such as measurements, consulting, testing, in addition to suit-cleaning and the possibility to start designing your next Vircos suit right in the middle of the track.


Unfortunately, many of you will have difficulty entering the track. I mean, it’s going to be hard even to enter a “normal” shop. So, how do you get the measurements? How do you create your suit? It’s only going to take one click. ONE. Simple and effortless.

Take a look at our new dedicated page: online measurement service. We have created a simple system that allows us to work with the same precision as always, with the same passion, and to guarantee you an excellent result. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Click on the dedicated Vircos page (just click here)
  • Follow the instructions in the two FREE EASY GUIDES we wrote for you: we developed two simple files that will allow you to precisely calculate all your measurements so that our team can start creating your suit;
  • Take your measurements in the best way possible, and show us how you do it: we will ask you for some photos–yes. Your privacy is important and we respect it: all the information and materials you will provide will NEVER be disclosed to other parties: we only need it to give you the best possible service;
  • Send us everything: send us the material and ask us everything you need;
  • Ask us for any advice: our back-office is at your disposal for any need;
  • Get ready to receive your customized Vircos suit: are you feeling the track under your wheels, already?

It seems like a promo, it reads like a promo, but it is not: it is but a service we have been providing for some time now, and which has become even more useful today. Because we must help each other. We want to continue working and provide the same quality.

We have devised a system with which to work WITH YOU, to continue designing our suits. So, well, what do you think? Do you also want to create your Vircos suit?

Tell us what you think, ask us everything you need, contact us. We are here, and we want to ride.