The fascinating world of Café Racer motorcycles

Today we are here to tell you about a particular type of motorcycle that, for years, has been synonymous of customization, uniqueness and originality for all two-wheel enthusiasts.

Let’s find out more about Café Racer Motorcycles and why, even today, they are so loved and followed.

With the name Moto Café Racer we refer to those motorcycles that have particular characteristics, especially with regard to their aesthetic features with additions often made independently by the owners to become very similar, at least in appearance, to a racing bike.

Actually, although modified in a very simple way from the structural point of view, they have as main objective that of giving a fast and competitive motorcycle aspect. In practice, thanks to the series of transformations that are applied to the motorcycles, a striking model similar to the bikes used during the races will be obtained.

However, the great success of the Café Racer Motorcycles dates back to the 80s when many production companies decided to market similar models to the Café Racer to satisfy the taste of those years for the excess and for the particular sporting aesthetics that aimed more to the aesthetic impact factor than to the real performance of motor vehicles.