future belongs to those who prepare for it today


We have no other chances to build a brighter future but believing in younger generations today.

2020 is a year will stay in history, this is pretty clear and we are all (at least a little bit) sick of saying it and hearing it.

Now is time to look ahead… Ready, Set, Go!

Round one and round of CIV are raced and closed, we have seen surprises and confirmations in all categories. A great show starting from Premoto3 to the SBK.

Very fast was Kevin Zannoni leading the Moto3 category with a double victory in round one and round 2 even if Alberto Surra and Vicente Perez always were always fast and very close to him. Michele Pirro, in SBK, had his day on Sunday in race 2 after a crash at the end of race one while leading due to an unexpected front lock of his Panigale.

Premoto3, this is what we want to talk about now.

For first time in history of CIV the young riders of this category were at the starting grid wrapped into the Vircos Gp12 airbag compatible cobine dwith the Tech-Air vest, GpPro gloves and SuperTechR boots.


Airbag in CIV from 2020 is mandatory for all classes. It was a great news when announced back in 2019 winter. Vircos and Alpinestars decided immediately to do something concrete making an action to help the entry class of the championship:  supplying free of charge the first kit for all the grid…

The goal is clear, to increase the level of safety of the category supporting all the riders with a professional safety equipment.

Even if this adventure is just at the beginning, we can say is a fantastic experience, to work so close with riders as much young as focused on the goal is literally positive energy and pure enthusiasm… Fundamental elements in life and in 2020 more than ever!

Now we can’t wait… we look forward to next races keeping on supporting the guys with class leading safety products and assistance on track at professional level.

We strongly believe in this forward thinking project, we are sure that, a future world champion is hidden between those guys…