What is the difference between something good and something great? Details.

“Details make perfection and perfection is not a detail” said Leonardo da Vinci. This is exactly what makes the difference in Vircos: attention and care for the details in every single step. From the sketch on paper to the finished product… nothing is left to chance!

We all know that in motorsport the details can make a huge difference: they can change a result, a position, a championship, or even a world championship.

Comfort, Safety and Aerodynamics

Vircos suits come to life via a wave of innovations and technical solutions.

Refined over time thanks to the collaboration with our Vircos Riders, the suits evolve day after day, increasing comfort, safety and aerodynamics.

All these developments affect the riding style making it more enjoyable and fun to go out on the track and fight against the clock, or shoulder to shoulder with other riders.


1. Knee grip

Modern motorcycles are increasingly getting smaller, and more aerodynamic. The riding position increasingly demands the rider get ‘tucked in’, in line with the reduction in space. Bike size and riding styles make it more and more necessary to use every part of the body to “feel” the bike.

For this reason, Vircos has developed two fundamental solutions for a special grip inside the knee, that allows the rider greater maneuverability and control. Thanks to our microinjection insert placed on the inside of the knee you will have more confidence on the track and double the protection on one of the most delicate parts of the body.

The first grip we made is placed between the kevlar and the inner part of the knee. The small size ensures excellent grip and greater comfort.

The second grip designed by Vircos is placed in the same position but the surface is wider and more resistant. The innovative ergonomic shape developed by our team of technicians makes it less invasive and more comfortable.