What if it doesn’t fit?

This is one of the most common questions we get from anybody approaching for the first time ever to a bespoke leather suit particularly if, due to social distancing or actually a real distance, it is remotely ordered… We actually understand it!

If you are facing for the first time in your life a made to measure product it means you are putting yourself into someone else’s hands and experience.

At the end of the day, you can’t know exactly how the final result will fit and look like.

  • Measurements are not just a bunch of numbers…

A tailor made suit is designed on the base of 28 body measurements all connected to one another.

All connected to one another means that when the technician checks the measures themselves will be able to see a sort of 3d hologram representing a complete map of the rider’s body proportions.

  • We guide you through the process…

We created a complete guideline based on almost 20 years of experience, it contains explanations on how to make measurements and all common mistakes to avoid while making measurements.

–> Download it from here!

Zoom can be the final answer

Nowadays to make video call conferences is part of our life, was a different story years ago when Vircos developed its own remote support system. Indeed Vircos technicians are trained to provide assistance for measurements through video calls.

Together with a specialised technician also what could seem to be difficult or almost impossible can become the easiest thing ever!

Finally we go back to the point, back to the sore point… what if it doesn’t fit?

Even if it doesn’t happen it can happen that detail in the fitting might need to be alternated but don’t worry… that’s not a problem at all.

All Vircos Bespoke leathers are covered by a fitting warranty.

What does it mean? It means that the first modification is always included in the price if necessary! It actually might seem to be obvious but it’s not… if necessary we will collect your suit back and we will alternate as necessary in order to make it perfect if not at the first, at second sight.