Straight from MotoGP: the Vircos V-372

The bigger the dream, the bigger the distance to reality. Passion however stops for nothing, which is why we started answering to a dream of many motorcyclists and trackday enthusiasts: being able to use what the riders use inside the MotoGP paddock. Meet the Vircos V-372, the ultimate racing suit straight from MotoGP.

Prototype Perfection

MotoGP is an institute built on change. No track is the same, and not even two laps on the same track are. Riders inside the pinnacle of motorsports are constantly looking for change, adapting their riding style and adopting any kind of technology that helps them bring their laptimes down in their ultimate quest for speed. The V-372 is developed inside the fast paced, high octane environment called MotoGP. Feedback coming straight from the riders that made it inside this paddock has allowed us to offer you exactly this: a MotoGP prototype, yet ready to order.

Tried and Tested

Our professional riders have proven pivotal in the development of the V-372. With an extensive list of riders using our suits in the MotoGP, World Superbikes, and national championships it is easy to get lost in development as all riders have their own needs. This is why we have bundled all their feedback into the development of the V-372, while one rider has stood out as a key part to bringing the V-372 from the circuits to your shop cart: Matteo Ferrari.

Making the Difference

Defending the Italian flag for Team Italia in the Moto3 World Championship, becoming runner up in the Italian Superbike Championship, and point scoring finishes in the hard-fought World Superbikes Championship: Matteo is no stranger when it comes to speed. His most recent project however is what makes it an interesting plot twist in the V-372 story: MotoE. With motorcycle fans around the world echoing their opinion about the series -either positive or negative- one thing is undeniable: when all machinery is exactly the same, it comes down to anything you can change if you want to gain advantage -like your suit-. The development for the V-372 started with the inaugural MotoE cup back in 2019. A title that was won by -you guessed it- Matteo Ferrari.

Walking the line

Developing a suit for the best racers in the world means walking a fine line towards the ultimate balance of freedom of movement and safety, both of which racers need lots. The former when everything goes well, the latter in case anything goes wrong. While a racer will aim at the most lightweight, hardly noticeable shell that serves as a second skin, it is up to us as craftsmen of racing suits to combine these needs with the highest level of protection.

Skin Technology

When dealing with a prototype it means you look for the latest technology available and technology not yet established. With a blank sheet of paper between us and the promise to live up to the highest demands for racers around the world, we created a state-of-the-art outer shell that combines tried and tested kangaroo leather with high-tech synthetic materials that not only perform in terms of safety, but also contribute to that second-skin feel while proving to be extremely light weight. In a context where the last thousands of a second can be won by shaving of grams this truly matters, and it changes the way we look at racing suits in general. The result is a beautifully crafted suit that shows its prototype characteristics through its function-focused appearance.

Brace for impact

A racing suit is a warrior’s harness, echoing the bravery of the person wearing it in appearance while it’s ready to protect in case of any unfortunate mishap. The V-372 is equipped with impact protectors on no less than nine places, covering the chest, shoulders, elbows, hips and knees with CE-rated armor. These protectors are shaped to follow the human anatomy, making them hardly noticeable when moving around on track while they are right where they need to be when anything unforeseen happens.


The V-372 comes equipped with the latest Tech-Air® technology, offering you added airbag protection that responds quicker than a blink of an eye in case your ride ends less fortunate. Vircos is a Tech-Air® partner since the early days, and the way we incorporated the Tech-Air® technology in our suits means you will only truly know it’s there in case it needs to protect; when riding you will experience that figure-hugging feel you need from a suit while we made sure the airbag system works the way it should in circumstances where it matters.

Shield 2

When all the parts of our racing suits are cut out and ready to be transformed into your next favorite racing suit, the resemblance of a puzzle is there. And as with any puzzle, there is always a last piece that makes it whole. For the V-372, named after the fasted wind speed ever recorded, the final piece of the puzzle is the incorporation of our Shield 2 outer hard parts. These pieces contribute to optimal aerodynamics, while they offer a controlled slide in case you go more than elbow down.

Unique, just like you

Every Vircos suit is unique, and the only one to take the blame for that is you. Our suits are made to measure for each rider, meaning they fit like a glove from the get-go. And as we create your next favorite racing suit from scratch anyway, why not have it look exactly the way you want it to. Pick your favorite color scheme, get creative with contrast and make sure your personal logo stands out as much as the logo’s from your sponsors. Our configurator will allow you to create a suit that is unique in fit and view. After all, didn’t we start this story with saying we would answer to your dream?

Get creative, get over to our configurator: