The best of the best

When talent, perseverance, and the right opportunity have earned you the reputation of a professional rider, in most cases your journey just begins. Because when you arrive in the paddock of any hard-fought championship after being the best in your class, suddenly you find yourself competing against riders who were all among the best in their class. To make it here, everything needs to be perfect. And with establishing a Vircos Racing service in numerous championships, from the Italian, British and Spanish championships all the way up to MotoGP, we acknowledge the fact that if you want to be the best, you need the best.

Service without distraction

When you say you offer racing service you need to back this up by making sure riders’ suits are ready to race at any moment of the weekend. With free practice, qualifying, warmup and a race on the agenda it means our Racing Service works around the clock before, in between, and after every session. When all goes well for a rider, the service consists of refurbishing a suit to be ready to go. If things go less fortunate, service might consist of more extensive work to bring the suit back to its original form.


Regardless of the session, anytime a rider goes out his suit is pushed to the limit. Knee sliders and elbow sliders get grinded down by the track’s asphalt, and the exertion a rider puts in means the suit picks up all the riders transpiration. After an incident free session, every suit is dried, sanitized, cleaned, and provided with new sliders if needed. All done before the next session takes place, making sure a rider can get back into a suit that looks, feels -and smells- like a new suit. Thanks to our years of experience in providing top class service to riders around the world it is a seamless process, but one that can make the difference between being distracted by discomfort or riding in full focus once the visor goes down.


Our service is equipped for more than the refurbish process mentioned above. A simple off can cause damage to a suit, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to be written off. At the same time a rider might require a small alteration to his suit to help him chase that perfect laptime. By accommodating track side repairs and alterations we can fix a lot of issues -big or small- that normally require a suit to go back to our workshop.


All professional riders donning the Vircos logo are protected by the Tech-Air® airbag system. It is the responsibility of the Vircos Racing Service to make sure this system is also ready to race at all times. In between sessions the full airbag system is dried and cleaned, and it is charged and tested to make sure it works properly before going back out on track.

Rain or shine

Like the bike they ride, a rider’s suit is also adapted to the conditions in case the weather demands it. From changing into a different undersuit to up the thermal propositions to preparing a suit with a rainproof cover; our Racing Service switched quickly into rain-mode when needed. To contribute to the feel on the bike in conditions where less lean angle is achieved, riders may opt for thicker knee sliders that help as a reference point in tricky conditions.

Mobile Workshops

To accommodate the individual needs of any rider wearing a Vircos suit, our Racing Service Truck is a true workshop on wheels. Highly efficient drying cabinets are needed to quickly dry suits in the short time available between session. Work counters allow for our team to lay out a suit for cleaning, and help access the Tech-Air® system easily so it can be taken out. For more extensive repairs, an industrial sewing machine just like the ones found in our Italian based workshop is included in the Racing Service Truck.

The people

The staff running our Racing Service trackside are highly skilled professionals who need to know the ins and outs of our suits, be up to speed with the latest developments in regards to the Tech-Air® airbag system, and equally important: they need to know the preferences of all the riders representing our brand. Either fueled by specific demands for comfort and feel, or preferences that originate from superstition: each rider has his individual needs that our Racing Service meet and exceed to take away that final distraction it otherwise may cause.

Visit us inside the paddock

If you want to see the Virco Racing Service in action and you are around, feel free to visit us inside in any of the paddocks – MotoGP, CIV, ESBK, BSB- where our trucks are present. In case you do not have access to any of these paddocks, make sure to follow our social channels on Facebook, Instagram, and even LinkedIn. Any competition that includes raffling off paddock tickets will be announced on these channels.